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c note style with anjelica fellini

c note style with anjelica fellini

photographer and actress anjelica fellini comprises an edgy look with a classy twist synonymous with her everyday style in this shopping budget challenge


what inspires your style? definitely my mom and grandmother's taste from their youth. i've saved a lot of their old clothes. but i also love a classy classic line on my body, so i tend to dress simply.

what was the inspiration behind this look? i wanted to go for "new york wedding guest". or more aptly, "reluctant wedding guest, who will enjoy your open bar and be the best dressed there"



who is currently influencing your style? i've been sitting downtown by the new school and parsons, just people-watching.

what meaning do clothes have for you? clothing is the ultimate way of expressing yourself, and it's also a universal language. everyone wears clothes.

how did you first get interested in clothes? my grandmother.

earliest fashion memory? honestly, seeing pictures of myself from high school and thinking, hmmm i wasn't helping anyone with that style.


what in current fashion is exciting for you? i love what's happening with sustainable fashion. more and more companies are taking responsibility in the effort to stop fast fashion.

what are some (or one), of the most special things in your closet? leather jacket from the 80s that was my mother's.

what's your strategy when shopping at beacons? patience. i never walk into beacon's with a limited amount of time. i love walking down the aisles and seeing what speaks to me. most days that takes time.



reformation dress: €39.95 / shultz shoes €39.95 / necklace €15.95 /  purse €29.95
total: €125.80



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photos by: taylor ann massa

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